The brass push fit solution with more bite

Reliable plumbing products with no need for tools, soldering, crimping, clamps or glue, suitable for copper and JG Speedfit PEX barrier pipe

Benefits of SharkBite

Why our customers find it easier to choose SharkBite over more traditional methods.

Healthy and safe living

Lead-free and non-toxic 4MS compliant DZR brass.

Fast installation

40% faster to install and ease of use reduces risk of errors.

Instant push-fit connection

Easy to fit, especially in tight spaces where using tools is difficult.

No tools or hot works

No special tools, crimping, glue or soldering required.


Compatible with copper and JG PEX Barrier pipe.


Products come with a 25 year guarantee.


Save installation time with SharkBite

Learn how using the SharkBite push-fit system compares to press-fit, compression and end-feed systems. See how quick the SharkBite system can be.

Make repairs fast with SharkBite

Make your emergency repairs and system extensions easier with our range of Slip Couplings and Slip Tees.

SharkBite installation is easy

3-step installation of SharkBite with Copper or JG PEX Barrier pipe with no requirements for tools or work permits for soldering joints.


Discover more in our overview brochure and technical manual.

Overview brochure

Detailing why so many people are moving away from soldering, crimping, clamps and glue.

View Overview Brochure

Technical manual

Detailing the technical information required for installation.

View Technical Manual


Individual datasheets for the entire product range.

90° Elbow

90° Elbow View datasheet

Equal Tee

Equal Tee View datasheet
Man fitting SharkBite connector to pipe within an open stud wall

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